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Good Morning Everyone. What a Blessing to see another day.

Good Morning Everyone. Just wanted to say hello and I hope you all have a wonderful day. Make sure you hug someone and tell them you love them today. Hugs are awesome. They can turn anger into kindness. Hugs are a gesture of caring. So make sure you hug someone today. And if someone hugs you, Welcome it and embrace it. God Loves you.

And here is a short video of my hummingbird Sweetie. I wish I could hug him. Lol.

I hope this makes you smile!!


God Bless all who read my Posts and Blogs. Very Wise choice. Scripture from the KJV Bible is my Inspiration. Plants, Birds, Outdoor activities and Holy things are what you will find on here. So Enjoy! Again, May God Bless you all. In Jesus Name We Pray.

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