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“Look at that Wicked Woman,..”

Nanseeeeee Pelosiiiii !!!!!!!

Nancy Pelosi, otherwise known as ,

Ooooh, I wish I could call her all the foul things that would bring sweetness to my lips as i speak those foul words, But I will Not.

But I listened to this short 2 minute video

And as she spoke about Texas Bounty Hunters,

I thought to myself 🙄

TEXAS BOUNTY HUNTERS SAVE Young Girls and Young Boys from Sex Trafficking !! 😡


God Bless all who read my Posts and Blogs. Very Wise choice. Scripture from the KJV Bible is my Inspiration. Plants, Birds, Outdoor activities and Holy things are what you will find on here. So Enjoy! Again, May God Bless you all. In Jesus Name We Pray.

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