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Are you gifted with the Power of Discernment?

I can’t believe we live in a country where when someone is wrong or has their “Facts” incorrect, and when confronted with the correct “Facts”, those people do not apologize, they do not admit that they were wrong.

I can’t believe that in America, when the New Incoming Generation comes up with some New Idea or New Technology, those older people of Seniority or those of high financial stature, if they do not agree with your New findings or if those people just don’t like you because they think you are a threat to their idealologies, They will do the most to silence you, to shame you, to make you look bad, in order to push their same old rhetoric. No wonder America can not advance or move forward in all aspects of our nation.

It is what us regular people call “Hating”. They put out Hate towards you because attention has been taken from them and the attention has moved on to the new someone.

In archaeology and science, whenever a new find is dug up, or whenever a scientist comes forward with a different find other than the mainstream norm, those people are immediately shunned, laughed at, or told their theories are wrong. If presenting New Findings that change the Old Narrative, even just to update old ideas, is something the Old Narrators do not want to be brought forth to the Public for Public thought, Then what the hell are we doing funding colleges, if new discoveries are to be mocked? I did not know that Intellectual Thinkers weren’t allowed to make any “New” updates towards “Old” theories.

So why would I send my highly intellectual child to a college, that i pay for, that is only going to shame and ridicule New Ideas that my child may present to Professors or Scholars ?

Let’s say that you invented the straw. Hypothetically, lol. You invented the straw but a kid out of college invents a straw that is bio degradeable or has multiple uses, or is just updated. Everyone is like ooh and aahh at the college kids upgrade, he is getting alot of attention. You are no longer the receiving the praises of others for inventing the straw. So you become upset and you decide that you will prove the college kids bio-degradeable update straw is nothing but an invention you created first, therefore the students idea is no big deal to you so it shouldn’t be to others either.

At first you put down the kids idea, you start spreading untruths about the invention, leading to you shaming the kids character, and you discuss it openly to those in your circle and they to their other colleagues. The rumors get to the point that when the college kid presents his invention to the Established inventors, those people already are judging the new invention as rubbish, or the kids not experienced, or he is judged off his past for petty theft of a candy bar when he was 9. So His idea and invention is shunned.

Off with his head !

It’s like the established generation is so high on their horse , that they can not give credit when credit is due. They can’t high five the guy who patches up the inflatable raft and saves everyone from drowning. They just can’t do it!!

Let me ask you this.

If someone convinces you that something is good for you and you try it, but turns out it wasn’t all that good for you, would you be upset at that person, or upset with yourself?

Let’s say The same someone later comes back and tells you that they have a great idea and that the idea is getting so much attention that people are investing thousands of dollars into it and you too should invest thousands of dollars and you will make millions in return. Your so convinced that this idea is great that you DO invest in it, using the last of your thousands you were saving for retirement. A month later when you are supposed to see some kind of return on that investment you find out that there was no great idea and that the Somebody actually ran off with your money. Would you be upset with the someone or upset with yourself ?

Now let’s say that the same someone comes back to you a few months later, apologizes to you for the first incident, and says they want to make it up to you by promising to clean your yard for a whole year and asks to borrow $100.

What would you do? Would you let him borrow the $100? or would you be more cautious of the someone? Would you beat up the man? What would you say to him?Do you just sign contracts without reading what you are signing?.

We should all be using the Gifts bestowed upon us by the Lord GOD Almighty. One of those gifts is the ability to Discern. Discerning between Good and Bad, Discerning between Right and Wrong. Discerning between Truth and Lies. Discerning between a Righteous man and a Worker of Iniquity.

To Discern means to distinguish, to observe, It is related to Wisdom. The Word of GOD says to Discern the thoughts and intentions of one’s heart. A Discerning mind demonstrates Wisdom and Insight that go beyond what is seen and heard. Discernment is the process of making careful distinctions when it comes to Truth. Discernment enables us to have understanding so that we make Wise judgements.

A humble person will admit their wrongs. A humble person will apologize with sincerity and from the heart. A humble person will seek forgiveness for wrongdoing. A Righteous man will not continue wrongdoing once they are forgiven.

When we admit or confess things and If we admit these things out of sincerity and from the heart, we are humbling ourselves and correcting our wrongdoings. We are removing our wrongdoings and never giving life to them again. We are washing ourselves of filth and iniquity, to be made new, to be made clean and move forward toward righteous endeavors and living righteously.

Deuteronomy 32:28 K.J.V

“For they are a nation void of counsel, neither is there any understanding in them.”

Job 12:20 K.J.V

“He removeth away the speech of the trusty, and taketh away the understanding of the aged.”

John 7:24 K.J.V

“Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement.”

To Be Continued ………..


God Bless all who read my Posts and Blogs. Very Wise choice. Scripture from the KJV Bible is my Inspiration. Plants, Birds, Outdoor activities and Holy things are what you will find on here. So Enjoy! Again, May God Bless you all. In Jesus Name We Pray.

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