Sharing my Book of Life with the World.

Hello!! Blessings all. My name is C. This is the Greeting Page to my site. To read my recent postings, go ahead and find “Recent Posts” and that is where you will find Inspiration.

I like to share things I learn about. Whether it Be about Gardening, or Home DIY, or Politics, Education, Volcanos and Earthquakes, I am always Different. I post Truth because I have no reason to lie to anyone . I do not scheme anyone. I am open minded and I am 100% always myself.

I believe in the Lord Our God. I am not perfect , but i try to follow the 10 Commandments in life.

I hope you follow along on my journey.

May GOD keep you and your families safe!

I look forward to meeting all of You on Comments and Likes.

In Jesus Name We Pray!


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