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Disappointed in the Republican Party

Tomorrow Sept 14, California hopefully will be Recalling Governor Gavin Newsome.

Hopefully losing to Republican Gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder.

The Former Judge Larry Elder entered in the race to Recall Newscum in hopes of making a Difference to California for the better.

I am EXTREMELY Disappointed in the Republican Party. Not 1 Republican has campaigned in support of Larry Elder.

As Gavin Newscum has Joe Biden, Kuntmala Harris, and Every other Democrat having Newscums Back.

I am so Disappointed. I do not live in California but I see the BS going on in California and people are tired of it. A Republican is Fighting a hardcore Democrat and No Republican is Supporting Larry Elder. 🙄 isn’t that some shit.

Not surprising though, because Republicans are Spineless sissies and have no balls to stand up against Democrats. Maybe thats why most Republicans are just RINO’s… Republican in name Only.

Shame on you people for not supporting the ONLY person who could have Defeated Gavin Newscum ….