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What kind of bird is this?

Good Morning Readers!!

Everyday this little guy comes over to the tree in my front yard. He tweets his little heart out. He sounds so beautiful.

Then when he is done he flies over to the hummingbird feeder and drinks the sugar water.

(As I am typing this, I can hear the little hummingbird dive bombing and whistling.)

Back to topic,

So the little bird drinks from the feeder, even though there is a little bird bath right next to the feeder! He is so silly. I love my daily visits from this little bird.

So according to my Birds of Nevada pamphlet, It appears that maybe my little bird is a Verdin. I am totally new to birding and If I am incorrect, please let me know. But in the meantime I will assume that this bird is a Verdin.

Whatever type of bird it is ,In my heart he is a gift from the Lord. And I am Thankful for that.

That is all I wanted to share with everyone. If you like my blog so far, go ahead and like my posts and Please give me a follow.

May God Bless you and your families. Take care out there, this country has gone crazy.

Much Love and Many Blessings..