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Whose feeder is it?

Hey little bee!! What are you doing? Well it seems that the bees have taken a liking to the hummingbird feeder’s nectar. How funny. But it takes away from the hummingbird getting its fuel. And once one bee finds a sweet source, he will tell all his busy bee buddies and they overtake the feeder.

So what did I do to fix this little situation? Well I took the feeders down for a few days and I purchased a bunch of flowers that would keep the bees occupied and away from the feeders.

Snapdragons, Pink Jasmine, Lantanas, Some white flowers, and a bunch of others that I forgot the name of. 😉 Some of the pics you see that are taken inside the house, is because today in my city it is Super Windy. So I brought them inside until the wind dies down.

The bees actually do go for the flowers now instead of the nectar. I see the bees still fly around the area where they found the feeder, but since I moved it, they can’t find it. Sorry little bees, but you get flowers to love.

The hummingbirds do also get many trumpet shaped flowers and I see they prefer those too. Always drinking the nectar from the plants first and then heading over to the feeder. I know this post is short, but I just wanted to share, and hopefully help someone else out who has a problem with bees at their hummingbird feeders. Thank You all for reading. I appreciate you all. GOD Bless you!!

Here is some video evidence of the bees drinking!!