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Just hanging out in My yard .

Read if you don’t mind the rantings of a bored person.

I hope you all are well.

Just hanging out in my backyard listening to some Underground Politics.

Thinking about the Lord.

And looking at my plants and my yard.

It looks like a crazy yard, … looks dry.


But that’s Las Vegas.

A dry rocky desert city.

Our Backyards all look like mine, but without all the plants and materials.

That would leave just rock and dirt.

Dirt yards are standard with new homes in Las Vegas .

If you want grass and a patio cover, well that is Extra on top of

what your already paying for the New Construction home.

(around $300,000+)

Want to see my yard?

It is a work currently in progress 😉

See, told ya.. Thou shalt not lie!

My Yard is my Blessing from the Lord.

I thank God for it. If i didn’t have my plants to keep me busy,

I can tell you that I would be out in the world causing Havoc.

But since the Lord wants me to do better with myself ,

He gave me something to do.

Now I don’t know what the Lord wants with me, why he has me on this earth.

There were plenty of times I could have seen death…but he has me here for a reason.

God needs Me here to serve him for some purpose.


I wish I knew what my purpose was.

I have yet to know. I read my bible and I Love My Father and My Brother.

I am not ashamed of the Gospel.

I love Truth, Wisdom and I have Faith.

But I know in time, when the Lord needs me, I will be ready.

I have to be. To serve the Lord.

Otherwise, why am I still on this Earth in this vessel?

Work through me Lord when you need me.

Father, I let you overcome my tongue, my mouth, my heart, and my soul.

Let the words I speak Be Yours.